Jack Rosen fonds MG536

Jack Rosen fonds. – MG 536. –862-2012. 0.3 m of material.

Dr. Jack Rosen is a book collector and retired veterinarian in Ontario, Canada, with an interest in veterinary medicine history. He donated his collection to the University of Saskatchewan through the Veterinary Medicine Library in 2004. Since the original gift he has sent two additional packages of materials. The collection consists of over 500 published works including books, journals, newsletters, offprints, pamphlets and clippings, and memorabilia including business records, certificates, and awards relating to his profession. The collection traces the development of the profession in Great Britain (1700-1900s), and its gradual movement through practitioners and educators to North America (late 1800s-1900s). The twentieth century publications focus on professional developments in Canada. The Rosen collection was housed in the Veterinary Medicine Library, but is now held in University Archives & Special Collections.

The Jack Rosen fonds describes a small portion of the collection consisting of articles and clippings on prominent Canadian veterinarians, the anniversaries of the Ontario Veterinary College over time, notable medical advancements in veterinary medicine, and other aspects of the profession's history including artefacts.

Historic veterinary documents, a photograph and Canadian and Royal Army Veterinary Corps buttons and badges.
Transferred from Veterinary Library. Part of a larger donation of books.

Canadian and Royal Army Veterinary Corps buttons and badges. – nd. Framed and mounted under glass.
Royal Veterinary College Infirmary (McKenney Account) Dublin. 1896.
John J. Carter membership certification to Veterinary Science Association Malahide,
Faculty Announcement card – Andrew Smith – Ontario Veterinary College, University of Toronto. – 1904-1905.
Royal Veterinary College. Post Graduate Class. 1909.
Group photograph mounted on board with names. Bill of sale for horse. – 1815.
Two pages mounted on board. Ontario Veterinary College Diploma. – 1897. For Andrew Sein.
The Veterinary Science Association Diploma. – 1902. For Darragh.
Veterinary Registration Office certificate. – 1869. Framed and mounted under glass.

Canadian Veterinarians - Biographies, 10 folders Articles and clippings pertaining to:
James Archibald
Malcolm C. Baker
C.A.V. Barker
Trevor LloydJones
Jack Rosen
J.G. Pocrnich
J. Martin Rice
John G. Rutherford
D.E. Salmon
F.W. Schofield

Ontario Veterinary College (OVC), 5 folders Articles and clippings pertaining to:
75th Anniversary, 1862-1937.
100th Anniversary, 1862-1962.
125th Anniversary, 1862-1987.
150th Anniversary, 1863-2012.
Veterinarians' Biographies - Miscellany, 1901-2010.
Early membership cards, photos, articles and clippings pertaining to veterinarians.
Veterinary Medicine Colleges, Canada & United States - History -1984-1980. Articles pertaining to other veterinary colleges in Canada and the U.S.

Veterinary Medicine History, 5 folders, 1939-2010. Articles pertaining to the following subjects:
Notable veterinary medical Advancements. Profession.
Women Veterinarians - Biographies, nd, 1934
Articles and photocopies of articles pertaining to women veterinarians. Box 2

Veterinary Artefacts.
Medal stamped with "Kitty" 1914-1918.
Roman metal pins (2), nd.
Metal pin and loop found at Masada, nd.
Vial marked "25 hypodermic tablets". Charles E. Frosst & Co., nd. Black plastic syringe with 2 plastic ends, nd. Folding metal tools (2), nd.
Medal stamped with "Kitty 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 The European War" - in envelope marked "This belonged to Kitty a mule with Canadian Expeditionary Forces WWI
Metal pins? - in envelope marked "Roman
Metal pin and loop - in envelope marked "Found at Masada”
Viall marked "25 hypodermic tablets No. 5 apomorphine hydrochloride 1/10 Grain Charles E. Frosst & Co."
Black plastic syringe marked "Fleming's Fistula Syringe"; 2 plastic ends for syringe
Two folding metal tools
Handwritten letter with text "G.G.H./311 9 Jan 66 Dear Jack: Many thanks for your witch doctor card. If he can do anything except produce rain I'll give him a chance. You might be interested in knowing that Ramsay's wife has been my nurse for the last week and I must say I've had every encouragement to recover. Visitors are still restricted so I can't invite you up for a phenobarbital- orange drink, however I may be able to reciprocate some day. CHV. B."

Cite>Large red binder containing:
articles from the Ontario Veterinary College web site, Canadian Veterinary Journal, newspaper clippings;
business cards and stationery from the veterinary practice of Dr. J.M. Rice;
a letter to Dr. Rice from McKeon's Sulpho Dip;
loose printouts from web sites, and copies of articles;
records of the change of fees for the London Veterinary Association from 1965;
business cards from Dr. Rosen;
a card indicating that Dr. Pocrnich has severed his connection with the London Small Animal Clinic;
Dr. Rosen's business stationery;
articles about Dr. Frank Schofield;
many other photocopies, reprints, printouts and newspaper clippings;
business cards for Dr. A.H. King;
Kennel club membership cards for Dr. King;
2 issues of the OVC Bulletin (Vol XII, no. 2 and no. 3);
1 issue of the Canadian Veterinary Journal (Volume 3 no. 11);
File folder containing more clippings and photocopies with a card marked "From a Dinner to Honour Dr. McNabb Given by London Veterinary Association, Chair Jack Rosen";
OVC Bulletin (Vol XV, No. 1);
Veterinary Excerpts (Vol. 6, no. 6);
"Current List (April 1939) of Abbott Veterinary Products,"card marked "Walkerton Hanover Veterinary Clinics"

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