Veterinary Pharmaceuticals and Supplies

This section focusses on North American companies developing and advertising veterinary pharmaceuticals based on research and development activities, as well as related equipment and supplies for livestock owners. Amendments to drug regulation legislation facilitated the transition from over-the-counter patent medicines with unsubstantiated claims to prescribed pharmaceuticals created for specific groups of animals and their diseases. This shift occurred gradually over many years until the 1950s when there were sufficient numbers of trained veterinarians available to use powerful pharmaceuticals to effectively treat animals.

After World War II, the American veterinary pharmaceutical and biological industry developed rapidly by the discovery and introduction of new drugs, vaccines, and feed additives in the relentless drive toward greater efficiency in the production of meat, milk and eggs. Vaccines were being developed to combat infectious diseases in livestock and companion animals. Supply catalogues available in feed stores and by mail order offered a range of products for livestock owners. According to Stahlheim (1994, p. 33), speaking about the O.M. Franklin Serum Co. catalog, "... cattlemen learned about new ideas and devices that did the job better or made their work easier – veterinary remedies and instruments, insect sprays and repellents. Vitamins and tonics for all livestock, saddles, ropes, and other useful tools for the trade.”

Examples from the Rosen collection of companies with US and Canadian offices developing veterinary pharmaceuticals based on research and development activities, and related equipment and supplies include:
• Lederle Laboratories;
• Pitman Moore Co.;
• Franklin Serum Company;
• Vineland Poultry Laboratories;
• Dr. Salsbury’s Laboratories;
• Pratt Food Company

Lederle Laboratories Division of American Cyanamid Company

Lederle Laboratories developed a variety brochures with appealing and colourful covers to advertise their products several of which are found in the Rosen collection. Lederle Control of Poultry Diseases is a 36-page booklet that “… gives the poultryman recent information which will aid him in the control or prevention of many of the common diseases which may strike a flock”, Lederle Laboratories, Division of American Cyanamid Company, 1952. Common Diseases of Livestock by Lederle, Veterinary Products Price List for Canadian Veterinarians from Lederle Laboratories, Inc., 1943.

Lederle Control of Poultry Diseases
Vineland Science Safeguards Your Flock
Pitman Moore Catalogue

Pitman Moore Co. of Canada, Limited

Current prices of Veterinary Biological, Antibiotics and Pharmaceutical Agents from Pitman Moore Co. of Canada, Limited, 1951

The Ontario Veterinary & Breeders’ Supply Limited

The Ontario Veterinary & Breeders’ Supply Limited produced Valuable Information for Stockowners in 1920, a 40-page illustrated price list of supplier’s mail order equipment, vaccines, including testimonials from satisfied customers.

Vineland Poultry Laboratories

Science Safeguards Your Flock Against Disease is a 29-page booklet advertising poultry remedies and supplies from Vineland Poultry Laboratories, 1943.

O.M. Franklin Serum Co.

Franklin Vaccines and Supplies
O.M. Franklin Serum Co. supplies veterinary remedies including vaccines, veterinary instruments, vitamins, tonics and other useful tools for the trade. Drs. Franklin and Haslam, both veterinary graduates, were engaged in laboratory research to develop an effective vaccine for blackleg infections in cattle and sheep. They developed the Germ-Free vaccine and in 1916 Dr. Franklin started the Kansas Blackleg Serum Company in Wichita, KS. It later became the Franklin Serum Company, trading as a public company. Well-known rancher Charles Collins used his personal network of colleagues to create a customer mailing list for Dr. Franklin. Vaccines and other products from the Franklin catalogues were soon being shipped to customers throughout North America, Cuba and several African countries.

Catalog no. 47 Franklin Vaccines and Supplies, by Franklin Serum Company of Canada, no date.

Dr. Salsbury’s Poultry Service Company

Dr. Salsbury's Manual of Poultry Diseases
Dr. Salsbury began his specialization on diseases of poultry and their treatment while backyard flocks were common and before the poultry industry had expanded commercially during the 20th century. He developed a variety of medications for poultry in capsule or tonic form that were sold at first directly while on his field calls to clients and later through mail order. His products were well advertised and became so popular that he discontinued his veterinary practice to devote all his attention to the Dr. Salsbury’s Poultry Service Company. He developed a tonic called Avi-Tone for improving the health of the flock by aiding digestion, and increasing appetite and egg production. His poultry health manual was popular with poultry farmers and was republished many times. Promotional materials for Salsbury’s products was mailed to poultry breeders for a small fee and were made freely available to distributors of Salsbury’s products. Dr. Salsbury promoted a personal relationship with his clients by including his portrait in his booklets and writing for a lay audience. He produced a 64-page colour, illustrated booklet called Dr. Salsbury's Manual of Poultry Diseases, with minimal advertising, for the poultry grower describing healthy poultry and the conditions that afflict them, 1955.

Dr. Salsbury’s Poultry Service Company. Dr. Salsbury's Manual of Poultry Diseases, 1955

Pratt Food Company

The Pratt Food Company was founded in 1872 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with a Canadian subsidiary called Pratt Food Company of Canada, Ltd. based out of Guelph, Ontario. The Pratt Food Company produced poultry remedies and was active until at least 1950. The Health Guide is a 50-page booklet advertising Pratts Poultry and Livestock Preparations (pages 1-42 about poultry): the remaining pages on products for horses, pigs, cattle, and sheep, from The Pratt Food Company of Canada, Limited, no date. Pratts New Cow Book is a 48-page illustrated booklet focussing on conditions in cows with corresponding Pratt products for treatment, from Pratt Food Co. of Canada, Limited, 1908.

Pratts Health Guide

Pratt Food Company of Canada, Ltd. The Health Guide, [no date]
Pratts Health Guide More Eggs pages

Pratt Food Company of Canada, Ltd. The Health Guide, [no date], inside pages
Pratts New Cow Book

Pratt Food Co. of Canada, Ltd. Pratts new Cow Book, 1908

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