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Call numbers, University Library, University of Saskatchewan

Allen, Lewis F. American Cattle: Their History, Breeding and Management. New York: Orange Judd and Co., 1868
SF196 .U5A42 1868

Beaumont, T. The Complete New Cow Doctor… With a Concise Treatise on Farriery. Manchester: Printed by S. Johnson, 1835
SF961 .B43 1835

Beckford, Peter. Thoughts Upon Hare and Fox Hunting in a Series of Letters to a Friend… London: Printed for Vernor and Hood, 1796
SK285 .B39 1796

Berkeley, Grantley F. Fact Against Fiction … hydrophobia and distemper; with some remarks of Darwin. 2 vols. London: Samuel Tinsley, 1874
SF991 .B47 1874

Biggle, Jacob. Biggle Poultry Book: a Concise And Practical Treatise on the Management of Farm Poultry. 7th Ed., Philadelphia: Wilmer Atkinson, 1909
SF487 .B6 1909

Blacklock, Ambrose. A Treatise on Sheep. Glasgow: W.R. McPhun, 1840
SF375 .B62 1840

Blaine, Delabere P. (Delabere Pritchett). Canine Pathology: or a Description of the Diseases of Dogs, with their Causes, Symptoms, and Mode of Cure … 2nd ed. London: Printed for Boosey and Sons, 1824
SF991 .B63 1824

Catonis, M., M. Varronis, L. Columellae and Palladi. Libre de re Rustica. M. Catonis, Lib. I, M. Terentii Varronis, Lib. III, L. Columellae, Lib. XII, Palladii, Lib. XIIII. 1528.
S492 .C6 1528

Clark, J. A Treatise on the Prevention of Diseases Incidental to Horses… Edinburgh: W. Smellie Printed for the Author, 1788
SF955 .C537 1788

Clater, Francis. Every Man His Own Farrier:… Together with Rarey’s Treatment and Management of the Horse. London: Milner and Sowerby, 1880
SF955 C6 1880

Coleman, Edward. Observations on the Structure, Oeconomy, and Diseases of the Foot of the Horse and on the Principles and Practice of Shoeing, Vol. I, 1798; London: Printed for author; and Sold at the Veterinary College; at the Forges in Grosvenor Mews, Bond Street, and Curtain Road, Finsbury Square; Also by J. Johnson, St. Paul’s Church Yard; C. Dilly, Poultry; and J. Cox, Borough, 1798.
SF907 .C6 1798

Constable, H. Strickland. Observations Suggested by the Cattle Plague About Witchcraft, Credulity, Superstition and Parliamentary Reform. London: Dalton & Lacey, 1866
SF866 .C75 1866

Courtenay, Edward. Manual of the Practice of Veterinary Medicine. 3rd Ed., Revised by F.T.G. Hobday. London: Ballière, Tindall and Cox, 1913
SF761 .C79 1913

Cross, H.E. The Camel and its Diseases: Being Notes for Veterinary Surgeons and Commandants of Camel Corps. London: Ballière, Tindall and Cox, 1917.
SF997.5 .C3C76 1917

Cust, Mary Anne Lady. The Cat: Its History and Diseases. 2nd ed. London: Groombridge and Sons, 1870
SF442 .C87 1870

Dalziel, Hugh. The Diseases of Dogs, their Causes, Symptoms and Treatment… Chicago: Frederick J. Drake, 1901
SF991 .D34 1901

Dick, William. Occasional Papers on Veterinary Subject: With a Memoir by R.O. Pringle. Edinburgh; London: William Blackwood and Sons, 1869
SF747 .D535 1869

Fleming, G. Practical Horseshoeing: with 29 illustrations. 1st Ed., 1888; New York: D. Appleton, 1888
SF907 .F636 1888

Forrest, Christopher. The Complete American Farrier and Horse Doctor... London: William Nicholson & Sons, 1923
SF951 .F73 1923

Gamgee, John. Dairy Stock: its Selection, Diseases, and Produce with a Description of the Brittany Breed. Edinburgh: Thomas C. Jack, 1861
SF239 G19 1861

Gamgee, John. Our Domestic Animals in Health and Disease. 3rd ed. Edinburgh: Maclachlan & Stewart, 1862
SF761 .G34 1867 v.1
SF761 .G34 1867 v.2

Gibson, W. (William). The Farriers Dispensatory, in Three Parts… London: Printed for W. Taylor at The Ship & Black Swan, 1721.
SF915 .G43 1721

Gibson, W. (William). A New Treatise of the Diseases of Horses… 2nd ed. Vol. II. London: Printed for A. Millar, 1754
SF955 .G5 1754 v.2

Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords. Select Committee on Rabies in Dogs. Report from the Select Committee of the House of Lords on Rabies in Dogs: Together with the Proceedings of the Committee, Minutes of Evidence and Appendix. London: Printed by H. Hansard and Son and published by Eyre and Spottiswoode, 1887
SF797 .G74 1887

Gresswell, George. The Bovine Prescriber: Drawn up for Veterinary Practitioners and Students 2nd Ed., London: Ballière, Tindall & Cox, 1894.
SF961 .G75 1894

Gresswell, George. The Equine Hospital Prescriber: Drawn up for Veterinary Practitioners and Students. 3rd Ed., Toronto, ON: J.A. Carveth, 1904
SF955 .G74 1904

Gunther, F.A. New Manual of Homeopathic Veterinary Medicine: or the Homeopathic Treatment of the Horse, the Ox, the Sheep, the Dog, and other Domestic Animals. 3rd ed., Boston: Otis Clapp, School Street, 1847
SF746 .G85 1847

H.M.S.O. Animal Management. London: Harrison and Sons, 1916.
UE460 .G75 1916

Hobday, Frederick T.G.; Canine and Feline Surgery; Edinburgh; London: W. & A.K. Johnston, 1900.
SF981 .H6 1900b

Hobday, F.T.G. Canine and Feline Surgery. New York: William R. Jenkins, 1900
SF981 .H6 1900

Hobday, Fred. T.G. The Castration of Cryptorchid Horses and the Ovariotomy of Troublesome Mares. New York: William R. Jenkins, 1903
SF871 .H62 1903

Hobday, Frederick T.G. Surgical Diseases of the Dog and Cat … 3rd ed., Rev. and enlg. London: Ballière, Tindall and Cox, 1924
SF981 .H6 1924

Horne, Thomas Hartwell. The Complete Grazier of Farmer’s and Cattle Breeder’s and Dealer’s Assistant… by a Lincolnshire Grazier. 7th ed. London: T.M. Craddock, 1839
SF511 .H68 1839

Jennings, Robert. Horse-training Made Easy … Philadelphia: John E. Potter, 1866
SF287 .J46 1866

Jennings, Robert. The Horse and His Diseases: Embracing His History and Varieties, Breeding and Management and Vices… Philadelphia: Keystone Pub., 1890
SF951 .J54 1890

Law, James. The Canadian Farmer’s Veterinary Adviser: Being a Guide to the Prevention and treatment of all diseases of the Horse, Cattle, Sheep, Swine, Dogs, and Fowls… Toronto: A.H. Hovey, 188?

Law, James. The Horseman’s Friend and Veterinary Advisor: a Complete and Handy Treatise on Domestic Animals. Toronto: Musson Book Co., 19??

Lawrence, John. See also Moubray, Bonnington (pseud.)

Lawrence, John. British Field Sports… London: Printed for Sherwood, Neely and Jones, 1818
SK185 .S368 1818

Liautard, A. Animal Castration. 12th ed, rev. and enl. New York: William R. Jenkins, 1902
SF889 .L52 1902

Lowson, G. The Modern Farrier: Containing the Causes, Symptoms … London: Barr & Company, 1842
SF745 .L69 1842

Markham, Gervase. Cheap and Good Husbandry… 13th Ed., London: Printed by E.H. for George Sawbridge, 1676
SF69 .M37 1676

Mayhew, Edward and Alfred J. Sewel. Dogs and Their Management; 3rd ed. Revised by Frederick W. Cousens. London: George Routledge, 1943
SF427 .M47 1943

Mayhew, Edward. The Illustrated Horse Doctor… Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1862
SF955 .M469 186?

McClure, Robert. Diseases of the Horse and Cattle and Sheep: Their Treatment, with a List and Full Description of the Medicines Employed; with Treatment of the Late Epizootic Influenza or "Canadian Horse Distemper", by Dr. Andrew Smith, and A New System of Educating and Training the Horse, by O.H. Rockwell. Toronto: A.H. Hovey, 1873
SF781 .M33 1873

McEachran, Duncan and Andrew Smith. The Canadian Horse and His Diseases. Toronto: J. Campbell & Son, 1867
SF955 .M28 1867

McFadyean, John. The Anatomy of the Horse: a Dissection Guide. New York: William R. Jenkins, 1909
SF765 .M34 1909

Merillat, Louis A. Veterinary Surgical Operations. Veterinary Surgery Vol. III, 2nd ed. Chicago: Alexander Eger, 1918
SF911 .M559 1918 v.3

Merillat, Louis A. Veterinary Surgical Operations. Veterinary Surgery Vol. II, Chicago: Alexander Eger, 1906
SF911 .M558 1906

Merillat, Louis J. Fistula of the Withers and Poll-Evil. Chicago: American Veterinary Publishing Co., 1917
SF959 .F6M4 1917

Miles, W.J. Modern Practical Farriery: A Complete System of the Veterinary Art. Part II. London: William Mackenzie, 1892
SF285 .M55 1892 Pt. 2

Moore, James. Common Diseases of Animals and Their Homeopathic Treatment. Manchester: H. Turner; London: T. Sanderson, 1859
SF996 .M66 1859

Moubray, Bonington. A Practical Treatise on Breeding, Rearing and Fattening all Kinds of Domestic Poultry, Pheasants, Pigeons and Rabbits... 3rd Ed. London: Printed for Sherwood, Neely and Jones, 1819.
SF487 .M86 1819

See also Lawrence, John (pseudonym)

Osbaldiston, William Augustus. The British Sportsman, or Nobleman, Gentleman and Farmer’s Dictionary of Recreation and Amusement … Printed … By J. Stead; and Sold by Champante and Whitrow, and at the British Directory Office, … 1792.
SK11 .O.81 1792

Percivall, William. The Diseases of the Chest and Air-passages of the Horse, Being Part I, Vol. II of the Author’s “Hippopathology”. London: Longman, Brown, Green and Longmans, 1853
SF955 .D439 1853

Percivall, William. Lameness of the Horse with Lithographic Plates, Being Part I, Vol. IV of the Author’s “Hippopathology”. London: Longman, Green, Longmans, Roberts, and Green, 1865
SF959 .L25P47 1865

Percivall, William. Lameness of the Horse, Being Part II, Vol. IV of the Author’s “Hippopathology”. London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1852
SF959 .L25P47 1852

Percivall, William. A Systematic Treatise on the Diseases of the Horse, Being Vol. III of the Author’s “Hippopathology”. London: Longman, Brown, Green Longmans, and Roberts, 1858
SF959 .L25P47 1858

Rarey, H.S. The Farmer’s Friend: the Horseman’s Guide, and Horsemanship Made Easy in One Lesson. Montreal, Que.: John Lovell, 1868.
SF287 .R24 1868

Rush, John. The Hand-Book to Veterinary Homeopathy… Philadelphia: F.E. Boericke, 1885
SF746 .R895 1885

Simonds, James Beart. The Age of the Ox, Sheep, and Pig … London: W.S. Orr, 1854
SF746 .R895 1854

Sisson, Septimus. Ligaments and Muscles of the Horse. Toronto: J.A. Carveth, 1895
SF765 .S58 1895

Sisson, Septimus. The Anatomy of the Domestic Animals. Revised by James Daniels Grossman. 4th rev. ed. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders, 1961 (reprint)
SF761 .S62 1961

Sisson, Septimus. The Anatomy of the Domestic Animals; 2nd ed. Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders, 1917
SF761 .S62 1917

Skeavington, George. The Modern System of Farriery: as Practiced at the Present Time at the Royal Veterinary College, London: The London Publishing and Printing Company, [185?].
SF285 .S55 185?

Smith, Andrew. Veterinary Notes on the Causes, Symptoms and Treatment of the Diseases of Domestic Animals. Toronto: J.A. Carveth, 1902
SF749 .S64 1902

Smith, Frederick. A Manual of Veterinary Hygiene. London: Ballière, 1905
SF751 .S55 1905

Smith, Frederick. A Manual of Veterinary Physiology. New York: W.R. Jenkins, 1912
SF761 .S64 1912

Smith, Frederick. The Early History of Veterinary Literature and its British Development. London: J.A. Allen, 1919-
SF 615 .S64 4 volumes

Smith, Frederick. A History of the Royal Army Veterinary Corps, 1796-1919. London: Ballière, Tindall and Cox, 1927
UH650 .S647 1927

Stewart, John. Stable economy: a treatise on the management of horses … 2nd ed. Edinburgh: William Blackwood and Sons, 1838
SF285 .S85 1838

Taplin, William. The Gentleman’s Stable Directory: or, Modern System of Farriery… 2 vols. 12th ed. Philadelphia: Printed by T. Dobson at the stone house, no 41, South Second Street, 1794
SF955 .T336 1794

Topham, Thomas. A New Compendious System on Several Diseases Incident to Cattle… Printed by L. Pennington … and sold by Scatcherd and Whitaker … and T. Scollick … London, 1787
SF961 .T66 1787

White, James. Compendium of The Veterinary Art, Containing Plain and Concise Rules… 14th ed., London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, London 1825.
SF753 .W59 1825

White, James. A Treatise on Veterinary Medicine. 5th ed., Vol. II. London: Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1825.
SF753 .W59 1825 v.2

White, James. A Treatise on Veterinary Medicine. 7th ed., Vol. III. London: Longman, Rees, Orme, Brown, and Green, 1825
SF753 .W59 1825 v.3

Youatt, William. Cattle: Their Breeds, Management, and Diseases; New ed. London: Simpkin, Marshall, 1874
SF197 .Y67 1874

Youatt, William. The Dog. London: Charles Knight, 1845
SF427 .Y68 1845

Youatt, William. The Horse: With a Treatise of Draught. London: Longman, Brown, Green, and Longmans, 1851
SF285 .Y68 1851

Youatt, William. Sheep: Their Breeds, Management, and Diseases… London: Baldwin & Craddock, 1837
SF375 .Y67 1837

Youatt, William. Youatt on the Structure and the Diseases of the Horse… 22nd ed. New York: C.M. Saxton, 1855
SF951 .Y67 1855

Youatt, William. Youatt on the Structure and the Diseases of the Horse… 10th ed. Auburn: Derby and Miller, 1853
SF951 .Y67 1853

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