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Dr. Jack Rosen, retired veterinarian, amateur historian, and collector from London, Ontario, Canada, donated his personal collection of books and ephemera relating to the history of veterinary medicine to the University of Saskatchewan, Canada, in 2004. Dr. Rosen began collecting in the early 1970’s and continued for nearly thirty-five years.

While a student at the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph, Ontario, Dr. Rosen became interested in learning about the history of his chosen profession. He theorized that the historical perspective provided by the body of veterinary knowledge accumulated over time in books, journals and ephemera could inform and improve modern professional practice. His collection began with a few publications by British writers and as he learned more about the history of veterinary medicine and the second-hand book market he was able to make sound decisions that resulted in a fine veterinary history collection. The collection traces the development of the profession in Great Britain (1700-1900s), and its evolution in North America (late 1800s-1900s) accelerated by the gradual movement of European practitioners and educators. Many of the twentieth century publications focus on professional developments in Canada. Dr. Rosen, wishing to keep his collection intact, sought a home for his collection in the library of a Canadian university preferably one with a veterinary medicine program where the collection would be accessible to current and future veterinarians.


Dr. Rosen chose the University of Saskatchewan - home to the University Library with its University Archives & Special Collections Unit and the Western College of Veterinary Medicine with its Veterinary Medicine Library and its substantial collection of materials relating to veterinary medicine - as a suitable location for his veterinary history collection. The Rosen collection is complemented by these holdings all of which are described in the University Library's catalogue.The Rosen Veterinary Medicine History Collection is available for in-person perusal and study. All items in the Rosen collection are described in the University Library’s catalogue searchable with the series name of Rosen Collection of Veterinary Medicine History. Unpublished works and artifacts are described in the Jack Rosen fonds.

Dr. Rosen's carefully curated collection presents highlights from the history of animal health and veterinary medicine, focussing on the history of the profession in Great Britain and North America through more than 500 published works and numerous unpublished items including:
• books;
• journals;
• newsletters;
• offprints;
• pamphlets;
• clippings; and
• memorabilia such as business records, certificates, and awards.

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