Prolific Veterinary Advertisers

Some veterinarians with a commercial focus successfully used publications to advertise a variety of veterinary products and services. Examples in the Rosen collection include advertising booklets by Dr. H. Clay Glover, Dr. A.C. Daniels, and Polk Miller with Sergeant’s products. Dr. A.C. Daniels and Sergeant's Pet Products continue to operate. These early examples of veterinary advertising relied on the personal touch and expertise of the founder/veterinarian to attract and sustain business.

Sergeant's Pet Care Products Inc.

Polk Miller was druggist and musician in Richmond, Virginia. He developed a line of dog medicines named after Sergeant his favourite hunting dog that were also useful to his friends with dogs. He started the company, Sergeant's Pet Care Products Inc., which continues to exist (owned now by an international company) and produces hundreds of Sergeant's pet care products. As a complement to his scientific side as a druggist, Polk Miller was a musician. He had a solo act playing the banjo and telling stories and was later part of a quartet. The Rosen collection contains some colourful booklets authored by Polk Miller. Polk Miller's Dog Book is a 48-page illustrated booklet about caring for dogs in sickness and health including advertising for Sergeant’s products, testimonials from clients, and free advice service from Polk Miller Products Corp., 13th edition, 1929. Sergeant’s Dog Book is a later 32-page illustrated booklet advertising Sergeant’s dog medicines published in 1941.

Polk Miller's Dog Book
Sergeant's The Life of Your Dog

H. Clay Glover Company Inc.

Dr. H. Clay Glover produced a wide range of animal products including his sarcoptic mange medicine and medicated soap that were also prescribed for care and treatment of the human scalp and hair. An internet search for "Dr. H. Clay Glover" leads to auction sites for highly collectible glass bottles which once contained Glover's preparations. Diseases of the Dog is a 32-page illustrated booklet on caring for dogs and their conditions using Dr. Glover’s remedies, and includes testimonials, 1897. Glover’s Guide on Diseases and Feeding of Your Dog is a 46-page illustrated booklet discussing diseases and conditions of dogs and their treatment using Dr. Glover’s Imperial animal medicines. Other species mentioned include farm livestock, foxes, caged birds, cats and humans, from H. Clay Glover Company Inc., 1931. The booklet is dedicated to Dr. Glover and notes his early specialization in the study and treatment of diseases in dogs.

Dr. H. Clay Glover's Diseases of the Dog
Glover's Guide on Diseases and Feeding of Your Dog

Dr. A.C. Daniels Company

Dr. A.C. Daniels The Horse

Dr. A.C. Daniels Company started in 1878 with its first shop in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Daniels originally developed products for horses, dogs, sheep, cows, and later for poultry and cats, and was the first to market catnip and catnip toys. On the current website, Dr. Daniels' Today states “... with more household pets,…our feline toys have grown and products for cows, sheep and poultry have declined."

A small portrait of Dr. Daniels and his signature appear on all products to protect the public from inferior substitutes. In the Rosen collection, The Horse by Dr. A.C. Daniels is a 40-page illustrated booklet describing equine conditions and treatments and instruments developed by Dr. A.C. Daniels Co. of Canada, 191?.

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