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The primary goal of this website is to introduce readers to the richness of the print materials selected by Dr. Jack Rosen as he built the Rosen Veterinary Medicine History Collection, and gifted it to the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. A secondary goal is to set the works from the collection within the historical context of veterinary medicine, because a simple descriptive bibliography is insufficient to tell their story. Practically every category used to describe the works in the Rosen collection has its own body of knowledge, therefore, descriptions are introductory and limited to the boundaries of the collection. Heavily relied upon are the opinions and writings of a number of historians who specialize in the history of veterinary medicine, including human medicine, as well as veterinarians who are also amateur historians.

Descriptions of the collected resources have been organized into categories and sub-categories including:

  • Website Information;
  • Veterinary Literature including books and journals;
  • The Profession Develops including history and professional organizations;
  • Veterinary Education;
  • Biographies of notable veterinarians; and
  • Veterinary Advertising.

Using the Collection at the University of Saskatchewan

The Rosen Veterinary Medicine History Collection (Rosen collection) is housed in University Archives & Special Collections in the University Library at the University of Saskatchewan available for in-person perusal and study. All published items in the Rosen collection are described in the University Library's catalogue and searchable with the series name of Rosen Collection of Veterinary Medicine History; unpublished works and artifacts are described in the Jack Rosen fonds. The University of Saskatchewan is also home to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, which houses a branch of the University Library. A substantial collection of materials relating to veterinary medicine, including the history of the profession complements the Rosen collection.

The following links provide more information about using the collections of University Archives & Special Collections:

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Rawleigh's Ideal Farming Book

W.T. Rawleigh Co., Rawleigh's Ideal Farming, 1923
Royal Purple Stock and Poultry Specifics

W.A. Jenkins Mfg. Co., Royal Purple Stock and Poultry Specifics, 1913
Watkins Stock Raisers' Manual

J.R Watkins Co., Watkins Stock Raisers' Manual, 192?

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